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Our Team and What We Do

Drew Clements - Manager, Investor Relations

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Drew holds a degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University - Idaho. Out of college, he worked in online advertising and started into real estate on the side when he and his wife, Becky, purchased and renovated a duplex in Colorado where they were living at the time (2013).

Although originally intended to be a hold, that duplex turned into a flip and became the genesis of Bear River Capital LLC - a real estate investment company in Northern Utah.

As a company, we buy and sell real estate with the goal of improving communities and providing profitable and purposeful opportunities for our team and partners. Scroll down to lean about what we do and how you can work with us.

Breeana Maughan - Marketing and Dispositions Manager

Born and raised in the Cache Valley area, Breeana graduated from Preston High School following which she attended Utah State University in Logan, UT where she earned an Associates Degree in General Sciences. Breeana joined the Bear River Capital LLC team in the fall of 2017.

"I love working at Bear River Capital because everyone shares similar goals and is super dedicated to reaching them. It is always evolving and I get to help make the process of a simple idea grow into something great. Every day is an adventure!"

Breeana is married, has a black lab named Chloe, and a crazy cat named Loki. In her spare time she likes to hike, fish, camp, and craft.

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Brooke Carter - Transaction Coordinator

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Brooke's background is in Education, which has come in handy with four kids! She joined the team at Bear River Capital LLC in the summer of 2017 and keeps everything moving smoothly as our Transaction Coordinator.

"I enjoy working for Bear River Capital because I get to work with so many great people everyday!"

Brooke has lived and worked in Utah for the last 13 years and just recently relocated with her family to the Pacific Northwest. She's an avid reader and a student of learning generally. She loves to spend time with her family exploring the great outdoors - especially national parks. Some favorites include Zion, Bryce Canyon, Escalante, Moab, and more recently, Crater Lake.

We Create and Share Opportunity

What We Do


Purchase, stabilize if necessary, and flip to other investors at "bank owned" prices. If you're looking to buy your next flip or rental, opt in for notifications.


Purchase, renovate, and sell to a retail buyer.


Purchase, stabilize/renovate to maximize rents, lease out, hold for a predetermined amount of time, and sell on a carry when possible.

Invest with Us!

Debt Partners (Private Lenders)

We create opportunities for debt investors of all varieties - from transactional funding where you're in and out in 48 hours, to long-term financing on income properties (and everything in between).

So if you want to put your money to work earning great returns that are backed 100% by real estate (without having to swing a hammer or deal with tenants), give us a call today and let's see if we're a fit for each other!

Equity Partners

If you're interested in long-term cashflow and willing to get your hands dirty, an equity partnership might be for you!

We're looking for equity partners interested in single-family and multi-family buy and hold opportunities. These often come in as distressed properties at steep discounts, so the equity and upside can be significant!

Let us know what your goals are and see what kind of opportunity we can create together.