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Real Estate Canvasser - Independent Contractor ~$15/hr - Weber and Davis Counties, UT

Overview and Requirements

Do you enjoy driving for work but want to do it on your timeline and not rely on tips or delivery volume to make a good wage?

If so, you'll LOVE real estate canvassing! And you won't be stuck driving a route day after day, either!

We call it "Driving for Dollars" - you systematically drive every street in a target city looking for distressed houses. As you find these properties, you'll record the addresses, submit them to our system for processing, and get paid!


  • Honest.
  • Organized and detail oriented.
  • Enjoy driving :)
  • Access to a reliable vehicle with current liability insurance (an automatic transmission is recommended, but not required).
  • Add our company as "additionally insured" on your liability insurance (this will not impact your insurance rate).
  • Valid Driver's License and clean driving record.
  • Clear and legible handwriting (print, no cursive).
  • Good vision (house numbers can be difficult to see from the street).
  • Available to work during daylight hours.
  • Access to a scanner or device to capture and submit Address Logs in PDF format.
  • Ability to print your own Logs when needed.

Compensation and Expectations

Compensation and Expectations

  • This is a 1099 contractor position.
  • Compensation is $5 per Log (a Log is 30 complete addresses). We estimate that you should be able to do about 3 logs per hour.
  • Checks will be cut every other Monday based on Logs received in the previous two weeks (Week = Sun-Sat).
  • We expect 12 Logs per week at a minimum (no maximum cap!).
  • Strictly adhere to our Criteria for Inclusion for Logging addresses (details will be provided).
  • Logs must be clear and correct. You will be expected to promptly fix any legibility or format errors if any arise.
  • Only drive target areas within Weber and Davis counties (a list of cities will be provided).
  • As a 1099 contractor, we cannot require you to work/not work particular days of the week as this is not necessary for the execution of the work; however, company owners believe in God and His commandments and choose not to work on Sundays. We kindly request that Sundays be taken off, and we support you in your own religious observances, if any, as well.

How to Apply

How to Apply

  • Seriously consider if this is opportunity is for you. We want you to enjoy it!
  • Take the DISC test at https://www.tonyrobbins.com/disc/ and save your results as a PDF.
  • Email us at team@bearrivercapital.com and include the following (only complete applications will be considered):
    1. Tell us why you're a fit.
    2. Tell us about your employment history or attach your resume.
    3. Attach the results of your DISC test in PDF format.
    4. Provide 3 references with contact information (work references preferred).

We hope to hear from you soon!

About Us
Bear River Capital LLC is a real estate investment company in Northern Utah. We buy and sell real estate with the goal of improving communities and providing profitable and purposeful opportunities for our team and partners.

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